Farm Fresh Food
To order: call/text (208)350-9416
  1. Fresh Raw Milk
    Fresh Raw Milk
    ~ Raw Milk with all the Cream on Top: * $4.00 Half Gallon or $8.00 Gallon All milk best fresh ~ keep cold Use within 7- 10 days
  2. Farm Fresh Eggs
    Farm Fresh Eggs
    $4 per dozen Delicious large, brown, green and speckled chicken eggs! We partner with our neighbor "Two Sisters Poultry" to bring you farm fresh eggs. They also have frozen, whole chickens for sale if interested.
  3. Pumpkin Roll
    Pumpkin Roll
    Frozen homemade pumpkin roll made from the fresh pumpkin in our garden! Presliced and frozen. We like it best eaten frozen or just slightly thawed. ~ 8 slices: $5.00 ~16 slices: $10.00 ~24 slices: $15.00 *Family memory note: We served this at our wedding 15 years ago!
  4. Homemade Pies
    Homemade Pies
    $15.00 Choose from: ~ Lemon Meringue ~ Cream Pies: Banana, Coconut, Chocolate ~ Fruit Pies with Cream Cheese Filling (Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Blueberry) ~ Dutch Apple Pie ~Pie of your choice - just ask we'll make it! *Please pre-order and we'll make it fresh!
  5. Sweet Bread
    Sweet Bread
    $5 a loaf Choose from: ~ Zucchini Bread ~ Pumpkin Chocolate Chip ~Blueberry Buttermilk ~Banana Bread *When you order, let us know if you would like with or without nuts!
  6. Raw, Unprocessed, Local Honey
    Raw, Unprocessed, Local Honey
    Honey is in! Our neighbor Dancing Bee Honey Company has the most delicious honey and you can get it here at Sunnydale Farms! It is raw, unprocessed, 100% pure and harvested from bees right here in the Treasure Valley. (Yes, I can ship this!) 8 oz jar: $3 ~ 12 oz Honey Bear: $4 1lb Jar: $5 ~ 5lb jug: $20 1 gallon (12 lbs): $50 ~ 5 gallon (60 lbs): $200
  7. Farm Fresh Veggies:
    Farm Fresh Veggies:
    Current offerings: Off for the Winter -- Will be having berry starts in the spring!
  8. Cornstalks for your Fall Decor!
    Cornstalks for your Fall Decor!
    $8 a Bundle Share with us your creativity on our Facebook page! Pre-order - limited bundles available!
*  We traditionally use white sugar from sugar cane in baked recipies, however, we are happy to substiute with honey, stevia, molassas or coconut palm sugar if you would like a more natural sweetener. 
We also can make gluten-free if requested. 
Thanks everyone!